What is the function of PCB wiring harness?

The main function of PCB wiring harness.

Both ends of the PCB harness have holes for insertion. The number and spacing of wires can be arbitrarily selected, which makes the connection more convenient and fast, greatly reduces the volume of electronic products, reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency. It is most suitable for mobile parts and motherboards. PCBs are used as data transmission cables between boards and PCBs, as well as in small electrical equipment. 
What are the characteristics of PCB harness?

The following editor will introduce you.
1. Improve production process

The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the mass production process;

2. Easy maintenance

If the electronic component fails, the faulty component can be quickly replaced when installing the connector; Terminal wire processing;

3. Easy to push

With the progress of technology, the components can be updated when installing the connector, and the old components can be replaced with new and more complete components;

4. Flexibility of forward-looking planning

The use of connectors gives engineers greater flexibility in planning and integrating new products and composing systems with components.


Wiring terminal is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection. It is divided into the category of connector in industry. It is used to facilitate the connection of wires. In fact, it is a piece of metal sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert wires,
There are screws for fastening or loosening. For example, two wires sometimes need to be connected and sometimes need to be disconnected. At this time, they can be connected with terminals and disconnected at any time without welding or winding them together. It is very convenient and fast.
Moreover, it is suitable for a large number of wire interconnection. In the power industry, there are special terminal blocks and terminal boxes, all of which are wiring terminals, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable and so on.
The plastic insulating materials and conductive parts of the terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, which determine the insulation and conductivity of the terminal respectively. The failure of any terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering. The painful lessons learned at home and abroad in this regard are very profound.
The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal. It transmits the voltage, current or signal from the external wire or cable to the contact corresponding to its matching connector. Therefore, the contact must have excellent structure, stable and reliable contact holding force and good electrical conductivity.

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