what is the advantage of the waterproof connectors?

what is the advantage of the waterproof connectors?
The great advantage of waterproof connector
Waterproof connectors are often used in electronic machinery. Waterproof connectors are also used in various industries in our life. Common electronic products, such as data lines, laptop interfaces, mice, etc., use the function of waterproof connectors, which can meet the communication between multiple devices. The electrical lines and circuits in our home are very complex, sometimes resulting in short circuit and open circuit, When there is a waterproof connector, this problem can be solved and played a good protective role. Do you know much about waterproof connectors? Do you know what advantages it has?

Of course, the great advantage of waterproof connector is that in terms of waterproof characteristics, it can prevent the entry and erosion of water source, and prevent dust from entering the connector, resulting in the decline of its performance. Waterproof connector can ensure that the electrical performance is not affected by external factors and the internal mechanical equipment is not damaged. The use of a good shell also ensures the stability of electrical performance, and also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and pressure resistance.

Here are three kinds of waterproof connectors:

According to the structure type: wire to wire waterproof connector, wire or cable to board waterproof connector and board to board waterproof connector.
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1. Wire to wire waterproof connector. Line to line connection also includes the form of line to cable or cable to cable. Its definition is characterized by the long-term connection between two single line individuals or the corresponding wires in two cables. Crimp connection is common in discontinuous wire waterproof connectors. IDC is often used to dominate cable waterproof connectors because of its advantages in wire related and harness end treatment. Wire to wire waterproof connectors have plastic supports of various geometric shapes, such as plastic parts of right angle and circular aggregate.

2. Wire or cable to plate waterproof connector. Among the on-line board waterproof connectors, half of the waterproof connectors are connected with wires or cables, and some are connected with printed circuit boards. Like the above-mentioned wire connections, the same is true for board connections, except that two connectors need to be pressed in or welded. Many bayonet connectors are still in use, and their terminal mating interface is suitable for separable connectivity, Wire to wire waterproof connectors are also similar.

3. Board to board waterproof connector. The first kind of board to board waterproof connector is set at the edge of the circuit board, so it is called the card edge. At the end of its development, it will become a double piece waterproof connector, because the technical performance and size of the printed circuit board are growing. When the size of the board increases, the capacity of the waterproof connector will increase, so the number of terminals will increase and the pulling force of the waterproof connector will increase, The larger capacity of printed circuit on circuit board will lead to excessive line density, and single-chip waterproof connector is difficult to meet its requirements. Therefore, it will be developed into double-chip waterproof connector at the end.