how to make a wiring harness for your customers

How to make a wiring harness for your customers
 when you receive a wiring harness inquiry and earn the order, the next you have to produce the wire harness.   Let's talk about the steps.ok? have to confirm the drawing with your clients. such as below drawing we make for our customer
wire assembly

2.After confirm with our custom. we can go ahead the next.
the second, preparing all the materials. and then following the 7 steps to make the wire assembly

1. wire cutting. in this step,there are 3 notices:
a.make sure the tolerance rate of the cable,
b.cannot hurt the wire during cutting,and the incision should be flush  
c.make sure the right length and different gauge wire 
2. wearing sheath Put a sheath on the terminal end of the wire that has been cut and must be sheathed, pay attention to the small end of the sheath facing down
3. Stripping: 
  There are 3 notices for you:
a. sizes should be at the tolerance rate.
b. cannot cut off the copper wire,
c. the incision should be flush.
4.terminal Crimping.
make sure the terminal crimping pull, confirm the blade when pressing,cannot make the terminal deformation 

5. Wearing the housing.
Place the riveted terminal bayonet in the same direction as the plastic case, and then push the terminal flat into the plastic case. When the sound of jamming is heard, gently pull the wire back to ensure that the terminal is correctly inserted into the plastic case without falling off. is qualified.
6. Testing 
Make sure the cable all fine. meet the customer's requirement. Hand over defective products.
7. Packing.
  make sure the right quantity ,and all the fine cables harness.


 all the length, the wire gauge, and the connector and the terminals are all right. the wiring harness words well. Then you really finish the wire assembly. You can ship to you clients.

Yihetai Cable producing all kinds of wire harness and cable assembly, feel free to send us your details drawing. Our team will check and work out the right offer to you. ok?