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  • 2021-12-06

what is the difference between bare copper wire and tinned copper wire ?
Because copper has good conductivity, it is widely used in industry. Most wires are made of copper wire, and so are data wires. Generally, there are two kinds of wire cores used for data wires, one is pure copper wire core and the other is tinned copper wire core.

Bare copper wire (full copper core) is a copper wire drawn with a pure copper rod. The material is single. There are copper metals on the surface and inside. The appearance used to be yellow, and the color is dark and light due to the purity of copper. In terms of physical properties, the bare copper wire is soft and has excellent conductivity.

Tinned copper wire refers to a thin layer of metal tin coated on the surface of the copper wire. Tinned copper wire has soft material and good conductivity. Compared with bare copper wire, its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are stronger, which can greatly prolong the service life of weak current cable.
1, to copper wire tin plating is mainly to prevent copper exposure in the air and is oxidized to form a layer of film - copper green (chemical formula CU2(OH)2CO3). Verdigris has poor electrical conductivity and increases resistance. Tinned copper wire can prevent REDOX reaction, producing patina; Can increase heat dissipation; Can improve the conductivity, improve wire performance.
2, in addition, copper wire tin can also prevent insulation rubber sticky, wire core black brittle, and improve its weldability. Tinned copper wire is mainly used for rubber-insulated mining cable, flexible wire, flexible cable and Marine cable as conductive wire core, as well as used as cable outer shield braid layer and brush wire
The process of tinned copper wire is slightly more complex than bare copper wire. After drawing the pure copper rod, a thin layer of tin is plated on the surface of the copper wire by hot tinning process to become tinned copper wire. The appearance of this wire is silver because tin is a silver metal. Tinned copper wire has soft material and good conductivity. Compared with bare copper wire, it has stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which can greatly prolong the service life of weak current cable.

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Tinned copper only has a thin tin protective film than pure copper, and tin can form a tin oxide film in the air, which can effectively prevent further oxidation. When the copper wire is exposed in the air, it will oxidize and produce a thin layer of copper green on the surface. The conductivity of the copper wire producing Copper Green will be very poor and increase the resistance. Tinned copper has good corrosion resistance, and has a certain strength and hardness to prevent the insulation rubber from sticking, the wire core from blackening and brittle, good formability and easy to solder.

In terms of charging speed: the conductivity of pure copper is slightly faster than that of tinned copper core. In terms of data shuttle: the two are similar. Pure copper is slightly faster. In terms of usability, tinned copper core wire, because of pure copper, the flexibility of pure copper is worse than that of tinned copper. Tinned copper is more advanced in technology than pure copper, and can also play an anti-interference role. The oxidation resistance of tinned copper core is stronger than that of pure copper, and the durability is greatly improved, The advantages and disadvantages of both are determined by the use environment.

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