what are the main problems of defective and waste products of bundle wire / stranded wire?

The main problems of defective and waste products of bundle wire / stranded wire are:

Defective products and waste products of bundles and stranded wires,  Main problems have been twisted, inner or outer single fracture, lack of stocks, single or stranded wire surface scratch, single wire back shares, single wire peeling, scabbing, brittle fracture, arch, inclusions, wire diameter super poor or mixed, twisted direction wrong, serpentine, stranding pitch, length is unqualified, stranded loose strands, platoon line, scratches, bumps and bruised, wire and cable wire core unqualified dc resistance, etc.  
1, a twist  
Over-twist refers to the phenomenon of over-twist twist in the process of twisting.  
Causes: First, the number of turns around the stranding wire on the traction wheel is not enough, generally less than 4 turns, the friction force is too small and slip, resulting in excessive twisting.  Second, the tension of the wire is loose or the line does not turn, and the body is still rotating, resulting in excessive twisting.  
Elimination method: if the outer single wire has been severely deformed, the damage is serious, there is no possibility of repair, only cut.  If one is not affected by severe damage, can separate equipment of part and traction part, will turn its twisted the opposite direction, make the local part lay back, reoccupy hand to fix the wire core, and the extra single plate round to accept wire again, the equipment and the joining together of swivel traction, loose after the wire pressing die, forcibly press wire, the other with mold repair manual, so that it can restart the production.  
2, single wire in the strand break, lack of single wire break causes:  
L) Break the core due to excessive tension.  
2) The single wire is loose, badly arranged and crossed, causing the core to break.  
3) The material of the single wire itself has cracks, and the mechanical properties are not good and brittle.  
4) Improper installation position of cable tray, axial shaking, resulting in wire break.  
5) Single wire jumps out of pulley groove and the machine is stuck.  
Elimination method 1.Adjust the tension of the line, so that it is appropriate.  2. Pay attention to the selection of the wire, it is found that the wire is loose and disorderly, and it must be rewound before the machine.  3. Pay attention to the operation method, carefully check the position of the reel, so that the released wire does not swing not jump, check the place where the single wire through, there is no jump out of the regulating wheel groove phenomenon.  4. To check the surface quality of the wire core, to see whether there are cracks, slag, spot scar and other defects.  If the broken wire occurs in the inner layer, and the broken head has gone too long, it can not be repaired, only to cut the missing thread core, if the broken wire occurs in the outer layer, the wire should be repaired and then switched on.  
3, stranded wire surface abrasion, scratch wire core  
Causes: usually one is the wire mouth wear on the wire disc, two is a single line out of the pulley, three is threading with wood or plastic tube grinding through, four is the traction equipment push the wire plate on the location pin damage, five is there is foreign body in the pressure mold and other reasons.  
Methods to eliminate: replace the threading nozzle and the wood pipe and plastic pipe used for threading, check whether the direction of the wire core is normal, protect the wire core from direct wear with the equipment, and check whether the press die is in good condition at any time, and pay attention to the operation method.  
4, beam wire, stranded in the single back strand, loose strand  
Causes: one is the tension of the wire is not uniform, loose tight, loose tension of the wire core go much, resulting in back, two is the pressure die hole is too large, can not play the role of proper adjustment of tension, three is the pressure die position is improper, the twist Angle is unreasonable, four is the pitch is relatively large.  
Bunching machine bunching 19 and above single wire core, because there is no difference in the direction of the bunching wire, can only be made in the same direction, so the combination of the wire core is irregular, most of the manufacturers use double pitch bunching system, so bunching wire bunching more than 19 wire core, back strand, loose strand phenomenon is more serious than stranded wire.  
Elimination method: to bundle wire (bundle products above L unit) it is to improve the bundle wire of the wire setting device, the use of more advanced single wire tension setting device, so that the tension of each single wire can be adjusted, control.  The second is to use guide die, guide die aperture for beam wire calculation of 97% % outside diameter.  In this way the guide die can adjust the tension appropriately.  The third is to switch to a single pitch bunching machine, the bunching products of this bunching machine can reach the level of stranding.  The fourth is on the back of the strand, the loose strand serious bundle core, with the method of mold rewinding repair, can also meet the requirements of use.  Fifth, adjust the pitch ratio appropriately.  
For stranded product back, loose elimination method: one is to adjust the tension wire, so that the uniform.  Two is to change the pressure die, then the wire core in the die hole do not loose, pay attention to the bell of the pressure die, if the bell has been damaged, can not make.  Three is to adjust the position of the die seat, so that the stranded Angle is reasonable.  Fourth, if the stranding pitch is large, it should be appropriately reduced.  
5, stranded in a single wire groove or surface defects  
Causes: single wire surface pitting, spot scar, triangular crack, slag and other defects, mainly brought by the material, of course, the core surface has the phenomenon of breakage, also can not rule out the unreasonable hole type of the drawing die and produce, at this time to specific situation specific analysis.  And the core surface of the groove is continuous, generally caused by the wire, wire lubrication conditions deteriorate, the surface of the aluminum caused by sticking, not continuous groove, may be caused by stranded wire pressing die sticking foreign body.  
Elimination method: when to pull aluminium wire slot, should first check the thread lubricating effect whether can meet the requirements of arrows, should be timely replacement of lubricants, replace the drawing mould, or exclude sticky stuff on the online mode, carefully check into line, into the wire of unqualified to promptly eliminate, check whether there is any damage on wire pressing die at the same time, the presence of clutter, the repair and replacement in time.  
6, single line diameter suddenly big, suddenly small or wrong core  
Cause: it is found that the diameter of single wire is out of tolerance or the core is mixed wrong in stranding. The main reason is that the technical regulations are not carried out carefully. The other reason is that there are certain problems in management.  
Elimination method: if the length of the wrong core is not long, you can remove it, replace it again, and repair it according to the braid repair method.  If the length is too long, it can not be repaired, only off the machine, separate processing.  Therefore, before the machine, the operator should carefully check and measure.  Of course, the manager should also provide a guarantee method, such as whether there are too many line rules, whether the tolerance is reasonable, whether the production scheduling is properly arranged, and carefully think about the existing problems in management according to the PRINCIPLE of PDCA to avoid the generation of artificial defective products and waste products.  
7, stranded wire core loose strands  
Causes :(l) the pitch is too large, resulting in the stranded wire core is not solid.  (2) The pressure die hole is too large to play the role of compaction and regulation.  The bell mouth of the wire mould is too large or worn or damaged.  (3) unevenness of tension, loose tight.  (4) The pitch ratio of each layer is not well coordinated.  (5) The state of the wire core does not meet the process requirements, especially the aluminum wire core.  (6) Improper position of wire splitter and die holder, etc.  
Elimination method: first of all, strict process discipline, the implementation of process operation rules, appropriate reduction of excessive pitch, adjust the tension and pressure die.  The position of the splitter to the die holder is generally adjusted to 200~250mm according to different structures.  For stranding some of the tensile strength of the strand is particularly large, you can use the combination of mold method, but also has a good effect, of course, the operator according to the process of operation procedures in the method of operation, is very important.  
8. The direction of stranding is wrong, and the stranding pitch is unqualified (mainly too large)  
The wrong direction is mainly a judgment error. Figure 7-1 shows the judgment of the stranded direction.  The operator should strengthen the sense of responsibility when operating, strictly follow the process card execution, and should strengthen the flow inspection, to prevent artificial defective products and waste products.  
9. The line arrangement is chaotic and pressed  
Causes: Stranding products are generally supplied in plates.  Large section, to a good row, especially the bottom line to pay special attention to orderly, in the row of lines turned around, because there is a stay, should pay special attention to the upper and lower can not leave too large gap, row spacing to appropriate, too easy to cause line pressure.  
The elimination method: first of all, to adjust the tension of the line, when the manual line, a row can move appropriate, second according to the diameter of the line core to replace the line pitch, the first layer is the key, must be neatly arranged;  Row the second layer, in the layer adjustment, to carry out manual line arrangement, to ensure the quality of line arrangement.  Three is to strengthen the sense of responsibility of operation to observe the quality of the line at any time, find problems to adjust in time, pay attention to fix the two wire head and leave the edge distance.  
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