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    YIHETAI founded in december 2001,mainly specializes in the production of hook-up wires and wire-processing. It integrates research with production and marketing and has been possessed of the privilege of import and export at its own. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wiring of the interiors of various kinds of electronic appliance and their exterior hook-up wires. Its products mostly are applied to the products of telecommunication, photo-electricity and for consumers’uses.
  • 2021-11-26

What are the common faults of automobile terminals?

Poor contact of connector, short circuit between wires, open circuit, grounding, etc.

The causes are as follows:

1) Natural damage

The use of the wire harness has exceeded the service life, aging the wire, cracking the insulation layer, and significantly reducing the mechanical strength, resulting in short circuit, open circuit and grounding between the wires, resulting in burning out of the wire harness.

2) Damage to wire harness due to failure of electrical equipment

In case of overload, short circuit, grounding and other faults of electrical equipment, the wire harness may be damaged.

3) Human fault

When assembling or overhauling auto parts, metal objects crush the wire harness and break the insulation layer of the wire harness; The positive and negative leads of the battery are connected reversely; When repairing circuit faults, disorderly connecting and cutting wire bundles and wires can cause abnormal operation of electrical equipment.




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