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    YIHETAI founded in december 2001,mainly specializes in the production of hook-up wires and wire-processing. It integrates research with production and marketing and has been possessed of the privilege of import and export at its own. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wiring of the interiors of various kinds of electronic appliance and their exterior hook-up wires. Its products mostly are applied to the products of telecommunication, photo-electricity and for consumers’uses.
  • 2021-11-15

How to distinguish is a wire or a cable?
Cable and wire in size, structure, use, characteristics are a lot of differences, so we can not confuse the two.  It's really easy to distinguish between these.  
1, the difference between the material wire used for carrying current conductive metal wire.  Available in solid, twisted or foil braided forms.  According to the insulation condition, it can be divided into bare wire and insulated wire.  Cable An insulated conductor consisting of one or more conductive wires insulated from each other in a sealed sheath.  The outer protective covering layer can be added. The difference between the wire and cable is that the size of the wire is generally small and the structure is relatively simple, but sometimes the cable is included in the broad sense of the wire.  
2, the difference between the use of bare wire does not cover any insulation or protective layer of the wire.  In addition to being used as transmission wires of electric energy and information, it can also be used to manufacture components and connecting wires of electric motors and appliances.  Generally used copper, aluminum, copper alloy, aluminum alloy.  In addition, there are all kinds of insulated wires for special requirements, such as low-voltage wires for automobiles, high-voltage ignition wires for automobiles, electrical wiring for motors, aviation wires, compensation wires and so on.  Cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy or to transmit electrical signals.  Cables can be divided into power cables, communication cables and control cables according to their uses.  
3, the difference between the structure of power cable and ordinary wire difference is mainly the cable size is larger, more complex structure.  The cable is mainly composed of the following four parts.  Conductor core: made of high conductivity material.  Insulation layer: the insulation material used for cable shall have high insulation resistance and high breakdown electric field strength.  Cables are often classified as insulating materials.  
In addition to the above differences, cables also have obvious advantages.  Compared with the overhead line, the cable has the advantages of small insulation distance between the lines, small space, underground laying without occupying the space above the ground, not affected by the surrounding environment pollution, high reliability of power transmission, personal safety and small interference to the surrounding environment.  Therefore, the cable is mostly used in densely populated areas and grid dense areas and heavy traffic.  It can not be ignored for modernization.  
Again simply said: power cable generally refers to outdoor overhead cable or outdoor overhead bare wire cable, wire and cable generally refers to the rubber cable or temporary electricity cable.  
I think many people consider them the same,but wire and cable are quite different.The first, a wire is a single conductor,and a cable is a group of tow or more conductors. The wire can be a stranded wire, or a solid conductor, depending on their intended purpose.YIHETAI CABLE’s wire ranges from 8 gauge to 20gauge, and our cable is from 8gauge to 22awg. See beow our cable UL cable list: 
underground power cable
all Yihetai Cable wire and cables are using for Industrial, Automation, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, New Energy, etc.
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