Do you know the characteristics of the flat rainbow cable

The introduction to relevant knowledge and characteristics of flat rainbow cable.
 Flat rainbow cable has higher assembly reliability and quality. The cable arrangement reduces the hardware required for internal connection, such as solder joints, trunk wires, backplane wires and cables commonly used in traditional electronic packaging, so that the cable arrangement can provide higher assembly reliability and quality. Because the traditional internal hardware composed of complex multiple systems is prone to high component dislocation rate during assembly. The cable arrangement can move, bend and twist without damaging the conductor, and can comply with different shapes and special package sizes. The only limitation is the volume space problem.
Because it can withstand millions of dynamic bends, the cable arrangement can be well used in the internal system of continuous or periodic movement and become a part of the function of the final product. The solder joint on rigid pcb will fail after hundreds of cycles due to thermal mechanical stress.
Model classification of colorful cable and rainbow cable! The models of color flat cable are divided into: bonded color flat cable and one-time formed color flat cable. First, we explain ul1007 color flat cable, ul1061 color flat cable, ul1571 color flat cable and ul1015 color flat cable. These four types of color flat cable are bonded flat cable. What is called bonded flat cable. Bonded flat cable is made of ul1007 electronic cable, ul1061 electronic cable, ul1571 electronic cable Ul1015 electronic wire single electronic wire is parallel and side-by-side, which is bonded by solution. The one-time forming color line is divided into UL2651 color line, which is also called UL2651 rainbow line, and the spacing is divided into 1.27mm, 2.0mm, 2.54 and 3.0mm.

Characteristics of rainbow cable:

1. The small flat thread is very thin, even not much larger than the needle tip, so it should be operated under a magnifying glass. Self made magnifying glass workbench.

2. Fix the cable with adhesive tape.

3. Press the flat wire with groove blade, fix the blade with adhesive tape, press on both sides, and the flat wire to be welded is in the middle.

4. The blade can be ground with a hand saw blade or a shaving blade. The next step is welding. Grind the edge into a knife edge with a flat electric soldering iron. Less tin during welding and faster welding speed.
ul1015 color flat cable manufacturer

To choose a brand worth choosing, you don't have to be greedy for cheap when choosing color flat ribbon cable. Cheap price is not good quality. Now in the market, most companies and manufacturers lower prices and often lower the price of color flat ribbon cables. In order to make profits, some manufacturers start with color flat cables and use low-cost technology. The quality of color flat cables produced in this way is poor. They have to buy them again at that time, which is time-consuming, labor-consuming and a waste of money. Therefore, when looking for color flat wires, we should see the quality of products clearly, and don't just choose cheap ones.

In the market, there are many manufacturers making color flat cables, but there are not many trusted brands. Therefore, if you want to choose color flat cables, you can't be greedy for cheap and choose those color flat cables that are shoddy by non-conforming manufacturers. In the process of color ribbon cable, ask the manufacturer to take samples, test the quality of samples, identify whether the manufacturer is the original compliant manufacturer, and select after confirmation.

To choose a reliable brand, the brand worth choosing is to ensure the accurate choice of customers. We should buy according to the actual needs, and remember not to be greedy for cheap, but to test the quality.

You can choose the old brand manufacturers. The old brand color cable manufacturers have sufficient experience and can stand the development of the market. Up to now, they have developed very well, which proves that they have a guaranteed understanding of the development of color cable and won the market. If you want color cable, you can consider the old brand manufacturers.