factory single core cable manufacturers
factory single core cable manufacturers
factory single core cable
factory single core cable
factory single core cable

Factory OEM UL1569 single core house wiring electrical cable

Model NO. YHT-046
  • Minimum order quantity:610 meters
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Stock Time:15 Days
  • Categories: Hook-up wire
    Factory OEM UL1569 single core cable house wiring electrical cable  
    Products description:

    UL1569 cable:

    • Rated Voltage: 30V

    • Rated Temperature: 80ºC

    • Insulation Material: SR-PVC, PP

    • Jacket Material: PVC

    • Conductor: Tinned or Bare, Stranded or Solid Copper

    • Optional: AL-Mylar, Copper Braided, Copper Drain Wire

    • Reference Standard: UL758

    • Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test.

    • Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.

    • For internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment and appliance, Computer, USB Data Cable, Audio and Video, Electronic Circuits.

    Style 1569Single Conductor with Extruded Insulation
    Rating80, 90 or 105 deg C, 300 Vac, Horizontal flame.
    Conductor30 AWG - 2 AWG, solid or stranded
    InsulationExtruded PVC.
    Conductor sizeMinimum average thicknessMinimum thickness at any point
    30-10 AWG15 mils13 mils
    9-2 AWG30 mils27 mils
    CoveringOptional, Extruded PVC, 9 mils minimum average thickness, 8 mils minimum thickness at any point.
    StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
    UseInternal wiring of appliances or electronic equipment where not subjected to movement or mechanical damage. Tag may also indicate the following,"600 Volts Peak for Electronic Use Only."

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