Pvc Compound For Cable Best Price Virgin PVC Granules Compound Customize For Wire And Cable
PVC Compound Granules Flexible PVC Compound Raw Material for Cable

PVC Compound Granules
1. Item: PVC Compound Granules

2. Type: Soft, Rigid, Flexible PVC Compound

3. Usage: PVC Compound Raw Material for Wire and Cable; PVC Compound Granules For Insulation and Sheathing

4. Process: Extrusion

5. Color: Any Color, Based on Customer's Requirement

6. Packaging: 25kg/ bag

7. Application: PVC Compound Raw Material can be widely used in Wire and Cable, Food Grade PVC applications,
Medical Accessories, Household appliances, Other PVC applications.

Flame-resisting Compounds
Low Temperature Resisting Compounds
Heat-resistant Compounds
Low Smoke Low Halogen Compounds
Transparent PVC Compounds

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