Flat Ribbon Cable IDC Flexible Ribbon Cable

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Flat Ribbon Cable IDC Flexible Ribbon Cable

• Factory OEM UL 2651 IDC Cable, Pitch 1.27mm 28AWG Flexible Ribbon Cable
• Conductor: Tinned or Bare, Stranded or Solid Copper
• Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test.
• Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.
• For internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment and appliance, computer, mainframe, lighting, electric circuit, etc.

High light:  Flat Ribbon Cable, IDC Cable, Flexible Ribbon Cable
 Product Flat Ribbon Cable.
 Rating 105 deg C, 300 Vac, Horizontal flame.
 Conductor 36 AWG - 14 AWG, solid or stranded.
 Insulation Extruded PVC or heat laminated PVC, 9 mils minimum average thickness, 7 mils   minimum thickness at any point.
 Assembly Two - 150 conductors. Top or bottom layers may form ridges. Sections of the cable, may   be split into singles or groups of conductors.
 Shield Optional.
 Covering Optional. Extruded PVC, 5 mils minimum thickness at any point, 80 mils maximum   thickness.
 Standard UL 758, UL1581
 Marking General.
 Usage Internal wiring of Electronic equipment.
Flat Ribbon Cable