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Electric Vehicle Wire Harness
Wiring Harness Suppliers 12Pin Molex Connector UL1007 24 AWG Wing Harness

US $0.18 - US $0.38 / pieces

100 pieces
15000pieces / Week
Electric Vehicle Wire Harness Molex Connector Wire Harness for Automotive

 Supplier Electric Vehicle Wire Harness
 Wire Specification UL1007 24AWG
 Conductor Tinned Copper
 Color and Length Multi-color for option, customized length
 Connector 12 pin Molex Connector, Alternative or Original
 Cable Protector Split corrugated conduit
 Temperature Range -25℃ ~ 80℃
 Ratd Voltage 300V
 Insulation and Jacket PVC material
 Supplier Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer
 Quality Control 100% inspected before dispatch

We are a leading Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer specialized in a various of highest quality custom made
wire harnesses.Our mission is continuously providing our products ad service to meet and exceed our customers’
expectations and requirements.
We manufacture both simple and complicated with low & high volume wire harness, and have enperienced
in-house engineers to provide technical support for our customers, with the drwings and technical problems.
Our main products: Electric Vehicle Wire Harness, Connector Cable Assembly, Motorcycle Wire Harness,
USB Cable, Power Cable, Ethernet Cable, etc.

Electric Vehicle Wire Harness 
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