How do you distinguish the male or female connector for terminal wire harness ?

the way of distinguishing the male and female connector of terminal wire harness 
The male head is a pin on the plug, and the female head is a hole on the plug.

In the electronic and mechanical industries, in order to facilitate trade and manufacturing, fasteners such as connectors are usually designed into two forms: male end and female end. The female end plays the role of receiving and receiving the male end, and the shape is concave. A section with one or more protrusions or other parts is called the male end. Therefore, in terms of name, the two words of male and female (whether in Chinese or English) are directly used.

At the beginning, the shape difference between male and female connectors is to emphasize the unidirectional flow of current and signal. For example, for electronic power connectors, there are corresponding hard regulations to determine the male and female. When the current flows from the female base to the male, the male and female of the connector can strengthen the safety or ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and prevent some unsafe factors or improper connection.

What's the price of male and female head

There are many manufacturers that can produce male and female connectors on the market, and the prices are uneven. When buying, don't just look at the price. Many people think it's just a connector. They should pay attention to it. Conscientious manufacturers will not only sell you the connector, but will carefully ask you about your use scene, model, etc, Therefore, the manufacturer should be consulted about the price of male and female heads.
Terminal wires are widely used and can be seen everywhere in our life. For example, our commonly used data cables and computer cables are also one of the connecting wires. The terminal wire is only a cable used to transmit current, and the connected part is the connector part we usually call. Generally, if the connector is male, the terminal is female; The connector is female, and the terminal at this end is male. How to divide the male and female terminal wires matched with each other and how to distinguish them?
1. One side of the plug (protruding connector) is male, and one side of the jack (recessed connector) is female.
male and female terminal wires manufacturer

2. From the appearance shape, the sharp part of the head is generally a male terminal, and the part with a round hole on the head is generally a female terminal.
male and female terminal wires manufacturer

3. It can be distinguished by size: generally, the big head is the female head, and the small head is the male head.

Benefits of using terminal wires

1. Improve the production process: the terminal wire simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the batch production process;

2. Easy maintenance: if an electronic component fails, the failed component can be replaced quickly when the terminal wire is installed;

3. Easy to upgrade: with the progress of technology, the components can be updated when the terminal wire is installed, and the old components can be replaced with new and more perfect components;

4. Improve design flexibility: the use of terminal wires gives engineers greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products and forming systems with components.

In fact, connectors and connecting wires are used together. The male and female connectors and terminal wires we usually call are used as terminals of connectors.