How to choose a good LVDS screen cable?

What is a LVDS cable?

LVDS is a differential signaling system, meaning that it transmits information as the difference between the voltages on a pair of wires; the two wire voltages are compared at the receiver. In a typical implementation, the transmitter injects a constant current of 3.5 mA into the wires, with the direction of current determining the digital logic level. The current passes through a termination resistor of about 100 to 120 ohms (matched to the cable's characteristic impedance to reduce reflections) at the receiving end, and then returns in the opposite direction via the other wire. From Ohm's law, the voltage difference across the resistor is therefore about 350 mV. The receiver senses the polarity of this voltage to determine the logic level. 

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 What kind of LVDS screen wire harness is high quality?
1. The screen wire harness is divided into two connectors. The middle wire and the additional shield are composed of three parts. This is the most basic composition method.

2. The screen wire harness has many connection directions. Such as grounding shield. Touch. Connect the additional screen. It's all possible. However, it is necessary to determine the transmission and direction of the signal. Where the singal goes. This is the custom screen cable.

3. Many screen wire harnesses will flash after being connected. Screen shake. Screen flower. Black screen and other phenomena. These conditions are caused by the screen wire harness. So why is it important to choose a good screen cable. Otherwise, a lot of garbage screen lines will even affect the quality of the screen. Resulting in shorter service life.

4. The connection mode of connectors at both ends of screen wire harness determines the transmitted signal.
5. Additional shielding will protect the signal transmission from interference (usually the exposed part will be twisted pair).

6. The wire requires professional screen wire rather than ordinary electronic wire.

7. The connectors at both ends of the screen wire harness are less important than the wire itself. Because there are many wires, the inner core material will change. There are all kinds of materials. And everyone knows. The rate of signal transmission in various media is not the same. Some screen cables work. But only for a short time.

8. The connectors, Many large companies generally choose connectors of Big brands. But the order of this connector takes a long time. Sometimes the domestic equivalent can be replaced. Although the quality can not reach the level of the original factory. But they are as like as two peas in size and size. So buyers don't have to worry about non-compliance with these specifications.

9. Many businesses only look at the price for the screen wire harness. And do not pay attention to the quality of the wire itself. Because the wire also has its lifetime. So why not spend money on things once. And spend twice on two cheap ones. This is not cost-effective.

10. Pay attention to the wire of screen wire harness. Many LVDS wires will be hard. So you have to pay attention. Probably not copper. Because there are a lot of copper-clad steel on the market. Or other inferior wires act as screen wires.

As long as all the above requirements are met, it is a high-quality LVDS screen wire harness.
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