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    YIHETAI founded in december 2001,mainly specializes in the production of hook-up wires and wire-processing. It integrates research with production and marketing and has been possessed of the privilege of import and export at its own. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wiring of the interiors of various kinds of electronic appliance and their exterior hook-up wires. Its products mostly are applied to the products of telecommunication, photo-electricity and for consumers’uses.
  • 2021-11-15

How to make a wiring harness for your customers
 when you receive a wiring harness inquiry and earn the order, the next you have to produce the wire harness.   Let's talk about the steps.ok?
1.you have to confirm the drawing with your clients. such as below drawing we make for our customers


2.the second, preparing all the materials. and then following the 3 steps to make the wire assembly
  1. Wire marking and cutting. You have to make the wires in a wiring harness must have the precise length called for in the design. Consequently, this first step in the process is critical. Assemblers measure, mark and cut every wire.
  2. Wire layout. In this step, an assembler lays the wires out as directed by the wiring harness design. Once the wires are organized, the assembler may hold the wires in position with a cable tie or tape.
  3. Wire termination. Every wire in a wiring harness must be terminated. Typically an assembler attaches each wire to a connector. They do this by stripping the insulation away, crimping contacts onto the end of the wire with automated or handheld crimpers and inserting the wire into the connector.
after this 3 steps, the wiring harness is finished, and then you have to test it , to check if everything is fine for working.
3.  wiring harness testing.

 all the length, the wire gauge, and the connector and the terminals are all right. the wiring harness words well. Then you really finish the wire assembly. You can send to you clients.

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