How to distinguish the difference between automobile harness and ordinary harness?

The difference between automobile harness and ordinary harness
   For the personnel related to the production of automobile harness industry, they must know the difference between the production process of automobile harness and ordinary harness, so the personnel who have just come into contact with this industry may still not understand it. Let's take you to understand the difference.

I Various raw materials

Generally, the materials required for the terminal Harness are only wire rod, terminal and rubber shell. Sometimes there are heat shrinkable tube, yellow wax tube and other raw materials, but there are many more raw materials required for the automobile harness, ranging from dozens to hundreds. In addition to the above-mentioned materials, there are bellows, black tape, terminal block, fuse and so on. At the same time, it must be difficult in processing and assembly.
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The terminal parts used by automobile wires and ordinary wires are also different, so the purchase of their materials is more strict than that of ordinary harness raw materials.
II The processing procedure is complex

The general processing flow of terminal harness is as follows: wire cutting and stripping - terminal pressing - tin sticking - rubber shell threading, etc. The complexity of automobile harness production process can be seen from the variety of raw materials. After continuous processing and assembly, the harness branch becomes the whole vehicle harness.

III Strength of harness manufacturer

The automobile harness manufacturer needs the cooperation of all departments in the production. Can it respond quickly to the urgent needs of customers and meet the requirements of customers. This needs to test the coordination ability and production explosive power of manufacturers.

IV Technical personnel and R & D capability

When the automobile harness is still in the proofing stage, the automobile harness manufacturer and the automobile manufacturer must continue to conduct reconciliation and testing until it meets the requirements, and the engineering department and the automobile manufacturer need to communicate continuously. The general terminal harness is not so time-consuming and energy-consuming.
V Certificate requirements
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The systems for manufacturing automobile harness can be roughly divided into two categories: divided by European and American countries, including China: TS16949 system is used to control the manufacturing process; Mainly in Japan: such as Toyota and Honda, they have their own system to control the manufacturing process. There are many automobile harness manufacturers, and it is difficult for many buyers to distinguish how to choose, so TS16949 certification is a good screening method. General terminal Harness manufacturers have UL certification and ISO certification... Vi Quality control automotive harness production also has very strict requirements for materials: including its electrical performance, material emission, temperature resistance, etc., which are higher than the general harness requirements, especially those related to safety, such as the harness of important components such as direction control system and brake. The general terminal harness must have quality control, but compared with the terminal Harness, the production quality control of automobile harness should be more strict.

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