How to install home improvement wires?

How to install home improvement wires?
How to install home improvement wires?

In hydropower decoration, the installation of home decoration wires is also a key problem. First of all, because the wire is very dangerous, it will get an electric shock if you are not careful, so you must be careful when installing it. Moreover, the wire installation is also a troublesome thing. First, determine the type of line, and then install it to different positions according to the different of each line. If it is installed incorrectly, there will be a short circuit. Next, let's take a look at the installation method of home decoration wires with Xiaobian.
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1. Generally, 2.5 square meters of single core wires are used for sockets, 4 square meters of single core wires are used for air conditioners with more than 3 pieces, 6 square meters of single core wires are used for general incoming wires, and two-color wires are used for grounding wires.

2. Three rolls of different colors are used as a group (zero wire, live wire and ground wire). The single core wire 1.5 square wire is used for lamp lighting, and two rolls of different colors are used as a group (zero wire and live wire).

3. Two core and three core sheathed wires are used as open wires, which are mostly used for construction on the construction site, but not for home decoration.

4. The thicker the sound cable, the better. It is recommended to use 2 * 1.52 or 2 * 1.2 specifications

5. The more the TV distributor is divided, the worse the TV signal is. It is recommended to choose less than 6 distribution as far as possible.

L represents phase wire (commonly known as live wire), and N represents neutral wire (commonly known as zero wire). According to the regulations, red, yellow and green conductors are selected for phase wires, and blue conductors are selected for neutral wires. Face yourself with the socket, the jack on the right is the phase wire (live line), and the jack on the left is the zero line. The uppermost end of the three hole socket is the electrical protection grounding wire (commonly known as ground wire, marked with yellow and green colors).

The circuit installation regulations of interior decoration are: left zero right fire middle ground (on the socket), (facing yourself, the opposite on the plug), represented by letters as l-live wire, n-zero wire, grounding symbol, represented by color as red live wire, blue zero wire, yellow and green two-color wire - Grounding.

In the process of using electricity, although people notice that the cross-sectional area of power wire material has an impact on the safe use of electricity, they often pay insufficient attention to the use of insulating tape for joints. Now, the routing of power wires is becoming more and more complex. It can be found under the wooden floor, in the wall, in the partition and in the wet underground or water. If the insulating tape is not used properly, it will produce electric leakage, endanger personal safety or cause fire. So, how to use insulating tape correctly? The power cable connector is divided into "ten" connection method, "-" connection method, "t" connection method and so on. The joint shall be wrapped firmly, smooth and free of thorns. Before the thread head is disconnected, it shall be gently pressed with steel wire pliers, then wound to the mouth, and then swing left and right, and the thread head will be disconnected at the joint.

When connecting two end edge wires, first peel the end edge of the wire head, wipe the wire core, then twist and weld the wire head, and finally wrap 2 ~ 3 layers of edge wrapping cloth, so as to prevent the increase of resistance and ensure the good end edge strength of the joint. When wires are connected to switches, safes and other equipment, special joints must be welded on the wire ends. Single strand wire or multi strand wire with small cross section (such as less than 2.5 mm2) can be connected to the terminal of electrical equipment without special connector, but the wire cut to the edge can be bent into a small ring sleeve, placed on the terminal of the equipment, added with copper washer and screwed with nut. The direction of the ring sleeve shall be consistent with the tightening direction of the screw or nut, so as not to loosen the thread head when tightening the screw or nut.

In order to prevent the wires from contacting with combustibles and reduce the way of fire, the deployed wires shall wear incombustible tubes. The matching of the selected electrical appliances shall not exceed that of the wires, otherwise it will cause premature aging of the wires and easy fire. In addition, in the process of fire extinguishing wire, attention should be paid to power off before fire extinguishing, and it is strictly prohibited to extinguish fire with live water.

When installing wires, you must have basic wire knowledge, and find out which wires are live wires and which are zero wires. Don't install according to guess without knowing anything about the wires in your hand, which is easy to cause danger. Although it is a household wire, which is not so complex, safety measures should be taken in advance during installation. When a fire accidentally breaks out, power must be cut off first and then put out the fire, so as to avoid secondary disasters.