What is the detailed description of electronic wiring harness processing steps?

What is the detailed description of electronic wiring harness processing steps?
What is the detailed description of electronic wiring harness processing steps?
So what is an electronic wiring harness?  
In the most common terms, an electronic wire is the use of electronic devices to manipulate input and output power lines.  
Electronic device wiring harness processing steps:  
1. Cut line: check whether the standard type of cable is appropriate;  Whether the limits meet the requirements.  
2. Peeling the skin: check whether the peeling mouth is even. Do not peel the damaged core wire or the assembled wire, and whether the peeling limit is appropriate.  
3. Group treatment: whether the cutting limit is appropriate, whether the cutting is even, and whether the core wire can not be hurt in the group cutting.  
4. Peel the skin: check whether the peeling mouth is even;  Whether the peeling limit is appropriate;  There is no peeling core wire, broken copper wire;  Conductors and insulators must not fall during half-stripping.  
5. Set reducing tube: check whether the limit and type of reducing tube are appropriate.  
6. Prepare solder wire in advance: check whether the temperature of the tin furnace is appropriate;  Whether the copper wire is combed before preparing the solder wire in advance, whether there is bifurcation, rough, discount and other appearances;  After preparing the solder wire in advance whether there are copper wire bifurcation, most of the copper wire uneven and hot insulation layer skin appearance.  
7 solder wire: check whether the temperature of the electric ferrochrome is appropriate;  Can not hot insulation layer skin, tin points should be polished, no tin market tip, not false welding, empty welding.  
8. Terminal pressing: the specification of the approved terminal and cable is appropriate;  Whether the terminal is pressed with bell-end period, tilt, insulation skin and core wire showing too long or too short.  
9. Terminal insertion: Check whether the RF connector and terminal type are appropriate.  The terminal is not damaged, deformation and other appearance;  There is no leakage plug terminal, wrong plug, puncture is not timely appearance.  
10. Cable row socket: Check whether the types of RF connectors are appropriate.  Whether the orientation of the line row is appropriate;  Whether the core wire is damaged, exposed copper, hot damage;  Whether the socket is in time.  
11. Blow reducing tube: whether the reducing tube is good or not, can not burn the insulation layer skin.  
12. Assembly of the case: whether the case is installed backwards, there is no scratch, burr, etc., is not good, there is no missing installation components, screws are not twisted hair, air oxidation, fading, loosening, etc., is not good after assembly;  If the casing is azimuth, then be sure to assemble as required.  
13. Label: check whether the content of the label is appropriate, clear and without hyphenation;  Whether the marking limits are appropriate;  Whether the mark is stained or damaged;  Signs are posted in the right direction.  
14. Tie the belt: check whether the standard, color and direction of the belt are appropriate;  No crack, loose appearance.  
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15 injection molding process: check whether there are stains on the abrasive, forming position whether there is lack of material, bubbles, adhesion is not good, hard bottom is not good, etc.  
16 power plug forming: check the power plug forming is not damaged, uneven, lack of material, burr, dirt, flow lines and other poor, recognized metal material terminal invisible change, damage, copper exposure and other poor.  17. Electrical equipment inspection: Inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the specific instructions for the inspection of relative products.  
18. Appearance review: Be aware that all new items must be viewed if they are visible.  
According to the above, you can probably master the processing steps of electronic devices wiring harness.  Electronic wiring harness can often be seen in modern society, such as common electrical products and computers are equipped with it, and electronic wiring harness also has a very key effect in this electronic equipment.