How to deal with the connector problem?

When the connector failure, how to troubleshoot : 
At present, electronic connectors have been more and more widely used in life. Due to the small size and precise design of such devices, various situations often occur in use. For some common faults, we also need to do the corresponding analysis. When the fault occurs, what should we do?
Connector fault 1: poor contact

In terms of structure, the metal conductor inside the connector is the core part of the overall equipment, which is used to match the electrical pressure or current of the externally connected wires or cables, and the data signal is equal to their mutual cooperation and transmitted to the connector contacts matched with each other. Therefore, the connector design must be well structured, It should have very reliable stability and good conductivity. This often happens for many reasons. It may be that the design of the contact parts of the connector is unreasonable, there are problems in the selection of materials, or the processing size does not meet the design requirements, rough or unequal installation methods, which will lead to poor connection between the connector and the equipment, Therefore, in case of failure of electronic devices, the first problem to be considered is the contact problem. All joints must be checked. When the connection is tight, other problems can be considered. If it is not the problem of internal connection, it can be repaired well through simple plug-in operation.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the protection of the connector during use. Sometimes the poor contact is caused by improper protection, resulting in local damage or corrosion of the connector. The poor contact caused by this situation is generally difficult to repair. The connector needs to be replaced, which is not only a trouble, Or the waste of resources and economic losses.

Connector fault 2: poor insulation

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This is mainly about the impact of the external environment. Generally, in this case, the performance will be unstable, and the phenomenon of electric leakage will be more terrible, which will cause unsafe factors in use, which can be observed intuitively. However, when encountering such problems, we must stop the work of the connector and replace it directly.

There is also a problem involved here, that is, the reason for the poor insulation. Due to the existence of redundant substances on the surface or inside of the insulator equipment, such as common dust, burrs and other adsorbates, moisture absorption of the insulating material will be caused for a long time. Aging occurs in short circuit, electric leakage and failure. If the insulating material does not meet the standard, It's our wrong choice. If one situation is caused by environmental impact, it's caused by improper use and poor protection. In particular, the damage to the connector insulation caused by humid and corrosive environment makes us very tangled. This must be avoided as much as possible to avoid more unnecessary losses, especially the protection of leakage, There may also be human security issues involved. Therefore, when using, special attention should be paid to the protection of insulators to prevent faults caused by poor insulators.

Connector fault 3: the connector is not fixed stably

Due to poor fixation or slight shaking, the connector can be powered off, and more seriously, the connection will be interrupted and the product will be disassembled. This can generally be avoided by changing the installation method, especially paying attention to the rationality of installation and the close combination of installation and use, so this problem will not appear. Therefore, when selecting, the connection between devices should be as close as possible, and the products with qualified design and relatively mature process should be selected.