What is an electronic wiring harness ?

What is an electronic wiring harness ?

An electronic harness is a wire that electronically controls input and output.  
Production process of electronic wiring harness:  
1. Cut wire: check whether the standard type of wire is correct;  Does the scale meet the demand  
2. Peeling: check whether the peeling mouth is even, can not peel the core wire, wiring, etc., peeling scale is correct.  
3. Grouping disposal: whether the pruning scale is correct, whether the pruning is even, and whether the core wires can not be hurt when pruning the grouping.  
4. Peel the endothelium: check whether the peeling mouth is even;  Peeling scale is correct;  Whether to peel the core wire, broken copper wire;  Insulators must not fall off during half-stripping.  
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5. Set shortening tube: check whether the scale and type of shortening tube are correct.  
6. Prepare solder: check whether the temperature of the tin furnace is correct;  Before preparing the solder is not the core wire copper wire sorted out, is there a bifurcation, zigzag, discount appearance;  After preparing solder is there a copper wire bifurcation, big head, uneven copper wire and hot insulation skin appearance.  
7 solder: check whether the temperature of the electric iron is correct;  Can not hot insulation skin, tin should be lubricated, wuxi tip, not fake welding, virtual welding.  
8. Terminal pressing: admit the standard of terminals and wires is correct;  Whether the terminal is pressed with bell, skew, insulation skin and core wire exposure is too long or too short.  
9. Terminal insertion: Check whether the connector and terminal type are correct.  There is no damage, deformation and other appearance of terminal;  Whether the terminal leakage, wrong insertion, insertion is not in place and other phenomena.  
10. Cable crimping: Check whether the connector type is correct.  The direction of the line is correct;  Whether the core wire is damaged, exposed copper, hot damage;  Is the crimping in place?  
11. Blow shortening tube: shortening tube is not outstanding, can not hot insulation skin.  
12. Assemble the shell: the shell is not wrong, there is no scratch, burr and other bad, there is no missing parts, there is no screw wool, oxidation, discoloration, loosening and other bad, no conformity after assembling;  If the shell is oriented, it must be assembled as required.  
13. Label: check whether the content of the label is correct, clear and without hyphenation;  The scale of the label is correct;  Whether the label is dirty or damaged;  Is the label posted in the correct direction?  
14. Tie tape: check whether the standard, color and orientation of the tie tape are correct;  No cracking, loosening appearance.  
15 injection molding: check whether there is dirt on the mold, forming part is not lack of material, bubbles, poor bonding, poor hardening and so on.  
16 plug molding: check whether the plug molding damage, uneven, lack of material, burr, debris, flow wire  and other bad, admit that the metal terminal no deformation, damage, copper exposure and other bad.  
17. Electrical inspection: Inspection shall be carried out according to the inspection guide ticket requirements of the corresponding commodities.  
18. Visual review: Pay attention to all items that can be seen.  
The importance of electronic wiring harness  
People living in cities have a great demand for electricity.  Many people cook, work or other need to use electricity, even usually do not leave the hand of the mobile phone and computer are electricity to operate, it is no exaggeration to say that electricity has become an essential thing in life!  And speaking of electricity, people have to pay attention to the electronic wiring harness, because of its importance, people can not be ignored.  Especially some electrical lines, he directly affects people's lives.  
Electrical appliances that a root of the wire for people who do not understand, can not understand its importance.  But to the professionals who deal with them on a daily basis, each thread has a very important role to play.  For example, the line on the phone is very important. If there is a problem with the line, people can't hear each other. If it is a very important thing, it is very likely to be delayed by a single line.  As long as the electric products in life, there is the existence of electronic wiring harness, it has a great impact on people's life.  
At work, if the wiring in the computer goes wrong, it can be a fatal problem for the people who use the computer to do most of their work. It can directly affect their work, make them unable to do their work later, and thus affect the whole department.  Here we can see what an important role that little wire plays, hidden in the guts of the appliance.