Why we need to Custom wiring harness?

Why we need to Custom wiring harness?
Why custom electronic wiring harness
Customized wiring harnesses can be better suited to some special environments, and can highlight the role of electronic wiring harnesses, requiring more advanced technology.
The benefits of custom electronic wiring harnesses are many, because the equipment and instruments are different, so the needs of different consumers are also different. Due to the flexibility of the wire harness material, standardized processing materials can be selected to meet the requirements of the application environment, and the electronic wire harness can be customized according to the specific environment
Common electronic wiring harnesses can be found in most electronic devices.  Although common electronic harnesses are more common than custom ones, custom electronic harnesses have unique advantages. YIHETAI CABLE tells you the benefits of custom electronic wiring harness.  In addition, due to the growing trend of science and technology, the performance requirements of electronic wiring harness are also increasing gradually.  Therefore, electronic wiring harness must constantly innovate.  It is necessary to start with design, and production and assembly methods are constantly evolving in order to meet ever-increasing technological needs.  
So where can we choose to customize electronic wiring harness?  It is processed by a variety of wires, electronic wiring harness processing wire type material is also different.  So do you know the specific type of wire material for the electronic wiring harness?  
  Bare copper wire: Bare copper wire has good electrical performance, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to oxidize.  
2. Silver-plated copper wire: Silver-plated copper wire has better electrical performance than tin-plated copper wire, but the price is higher.  
3. Polyurethane enameled wire: Polyurethane enameled wire is of high quality and soft, mainly used for earphone wire.  
4. Copper foil wire: Copper foil wire has good signal conduction and flexibility, but because it contains a fiber core, it is easy to absorb moisture, which may lead to oxidation and blackening.  
5. Tinned copper wire: tinned copper wire conductive signal is good, stranded conductor is more soft, tinned copper wire can effectively prevent oxidation.  
6. Copper clad steel wire: Although copper clad steel wire has the conductivity of copper and toughness of steel, the electrical signal decays too fast and cannot be used as a signal wire.  

In addition, due to the increasing development trend of science and technology, the performance requirements of electronic wiring harness are also gradually improved, so the electronic wiring harness must be constantly innovative, from the design, production and assembly of electronic wiring harness, in order to adapt to the growing demand of technical requirements.  

Some cost considerations for customizing electronic wiring harnesses:

1.Electronic wiring harnesses for specific industry applications may need to be customized to meet customer requirements.  However, customization usually leads to higher costs, so the following costs should be understood when customizing electronic wiring harnesses. 
A better understanding of application requirements: by understanding the use of electronic wiring harness, we can better understand the cost of customized wiring harness in different industries, for example, the cost of customized electronic wiring harness in the medical industry is higher. 
2.Multi-function capability: The electronic harness assembly can be constructed in such a way as to handle multiple functions, thus achieving more streamlined operation and performance, but the design cost of multiple functions may also increase. 

3.Higher performance and longer life: Custom electronic harnesses require more rigorous testing to ensure functionality, and because the material is required to have longer durability, there is less need to replace ordered components, which can effectively reduce the overall cost.
4. Exact quantity of material: The key to saving money in manufacturing electronic wiring harnesses is not to overproduce, and customisation actually helps to reduce the amount of extra material produced, because everything is tailored to the specifications required by the application, which means that reducing overproduction can effectively save cost.   
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In fact, the customization of electronic harnesses is inseparable from the cost, so any discussion about ordering such materials needs to be carefully combed out, which is the biggest advantage of working with experienced, diversified and comprehensive harnesses manufacturers to help users get the products they need at the right price.