what is a wiring harness?

what is a wiring harness?
What is a wiring harness? 
A harness, also known as a wire harness or cable assembly, is a series of cables or wires that are aligned to provide efficient transmission of information or electronic signals.  The number of cables contained in the harness will depend on the intended purpose of the wiring and the amount of current or data that must be transmitted to accomplish the basic task.  Usually, some type of method is used to secure cables in place. This measure helps prevent problems that may interfere with the proper functioning of individual cables.  
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The harness can be used in any number of different devices that depend on the use of current for operation.  For example, it is not uncommon to find such wiring harnesses used in many types of car engines.  The grouping of cables enables the transfer of power to different engine components, thus helping to support overall engine operation with high efficiency.  In this application, the wires contained in the harness are usually protected with some kind of sheath and clamped in place to minimize the chance of damaging the cable during normal operation.  
Heavy equipment used in many plants and wires and cables common in power treatment plants will also use different wiring harness configurations.  The size of the harness depends on the number of cables included in the configuration, and the number of cables usually depends on the energy that must be transmitted through the system itself.  As with most types of electrical equipment, wiring harnesses or assemblies must meet safety standards set by regulators and are regularly checked for any signs of wear that would indicate a need for replacement.  
Although computer technology and other modern tools are often used to create the harness during the design phase, the actual production of the harness is usually still performed manually.  This involves carefully assembling all components involved and properly aligning the wires or cables included in the design.  Despite being manufactured by hand, the relatively short time required to assemble individual wiring harnesses allows manufacturers to produce enough products in a typical working day to make the work profitable.  

Where does the wiring harness or cable assembly to be used
In our life, we often use electronic wiring harness, including the electronic products we use, inseparable from the electronic wiring harness.  Wiring harness is composed of wiring terminals, insulation wrapping materials, insulation sheath wires. It is mainly used for connecting various electrical equipment in the circuit. It is the carrier of input and outputs current and signal, and commonly used accessories such as magnetic rings, tapes, ties, labels.  In today's society, people have been improving their quality of life, and there is a great demand for an electronic wiring harness. What are the six major fields of wiring harness application?  
The wiring harness is mainly applied in six fields: 1. Motor: daily use motor, industrial motor automobile motor.  
2, office: printer, copier, scanner.  
3, industry: inkjet bar code printer, laser printer, industrial power supply, power protector, testing equipment.  
4, finance: ATM, cash register, terminal.  
5, medical treatment: monitor, anesthesia machine, digital ultrasound machine, blood/biochemical analyzer, radiation imaging equipment.  
6, IT products: notebook computer, multimedia audio, monitor, mobile phone, power supply, security equipment.  
The above content is on the application of the wiring harness is mainly introduced in the field of six, now, in the machinery industry is also often use electronic wiring harness processing, the use of advanced production technology and standard production line, generally used in weak current engineering, such as internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment, it is qualitative light, thin, short, small, many varieties, specifications, good insulation, good safety performance.