How to choose the right connector or plug for auto wiring harness?

How to choose the right connector or plug for auto wiring harness?
How to choose the right connector or plug for auto wiring harness?

The connector plug of the automobile wiring harness can also be called the plug seat, and the connector plug is used as the electromechanical component connecting the electrical circuit.  Due to the variety of connector plugs, a wide range of applications, therefore, the correct choice of connector plug is also an important aspect to improve the reliability of the plug.  
What are the connection forms of the connector plug?  
1, threaded connection: some of the larger size of the contact and work in a strong vibration environment of the connector plug often used in the form of connection.  This type of connection can be installed after the completion of the connection to prevent loose fuse.  The connection is reliable but slow in discharging.  
2, bayonet connection mode: is a reliable and rapid connection and separation form.  Most electrical connectors in the form of card 121 connections have an intuitive display of proper connection and locking, which can be viewed through a small hole on the side of the electrical connector connection nut.  
3, plug and plug connection: it is a multi-purpose connection form.  When the plug and socket of the electrical connector are connected and separated, the direction of movement is usually reciprocating linear movement, without torsion and rotation, and only a small working space can be completed.  Common plug and pull connection has ball or pin two structures.  The connection form because there is no mechanical labor-saving mechanism, once misinserted, mechanical resistance increases significantly, can be found in time.  
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4. Cabinet connection mode: it is an electrical connector used for some devices that need to be connected blindly close to the frame. It can make the electrical equipment lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.  This type of connection makes the operator unable to feel the connection, the positioning device must be designed to avoid the misinserted connector plug forced to connect to the up, so that misinserted becomes impossible.  The connector plug usually uses a floating or elastic contact design to ensure proper connection.  
Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector plug itself are the first problem to be considered when choosing the connector plug.  Correct selection and use of connector plugs is an important aspect of circuit reliability.  Plugs are widely used in various electrical circuits to connect or disconnect circuits.  Improving the reliability of the connector plug is first and foremost the manufacturer's responsibility.  Only through the joint efforts of both the manufacturer and the user can the plug be fully functional.  

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