Copper price was felling on 7th,Dec.

Copper prices fell 
As we all know, due to the superior characteristics of copper pipe, it is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields. This shows that the demand for copper is very large, and what are the main reasons for the copper price?
The international economic situation. In today's society, the relationship between commodity market and economic situation is obvious. Nowadays, with the increasing globalization of economy, commodity market and economy are closely related. Therefore, the price of copper is closely related to the development of economic situation. Generally speaking, when the economic situation is good, copper demand increases, the price will go up, vice versa.
The effects of industrial policy. Copper has been used as a raw material to manufacture all kinds of copper pipes and copper fittings, and further used in electrical, construction, national defense and other fields. When these industries produce well, demand for copper increases, leading to higher prices.
Seasonal effects. The seasonal fluctuation of copper price is more obvious, the January of every year is the off-season, the copper price of this period is the lowest. August is the peak season for copper prices.
Inventory impact. Inventory is one of the most important factors affecting copper prices. Relevant enterprises will adopt different methods to meet market demands under different market demands. To secure raw materials for production or speed up the flow of capital. In different periods will also take measures to maintain the stability of the copper market.
Influence of other policies and regulations. As copper market is a relatively large market with a large volume of international trade, the corresponding policies, exchange rate system and countermeasures against smuggling should be increased to maintain the normal development of copper market.
Changjiang spot

1# copper price: 69910 RMB / ton, down 260 RMB / ton

Oxygen free copper wire (hard): 71080 RMB / ton, down 340 RMB / ton

Price of enameled wire: 75110 RMB / ton, down 260 RMB/ ton

A00 aluminum price: 18670 RMB / ton, down 100 RMB/ ton

Guangdong spot

1# copper price: 70010 RMB / ton, down 170 RMB/ ton

A00 aluminum price: 18790 RMB / ton, down 100 RMB / ton

LME copper price: $9577 / ton, up $160 / ton

Hutong 2112: 69790 RMB / ton, up 180 RMB / ton

Hutong 2201: 69530 RMB / ton, up 200 RMB/ ton
Market analysis, due to the sluggish demand in China, and inventory, especially in the bonded area, the hidden inventory is high, to the copper price is difficult to stabilize upward, because China is the largest copper consumer, so the ups and downs of the global copper market is waiting to see China's face. Not to mention the fact that the European debt crisis has gripped global markets, causing worries about economic growth. The latest statistics from the National Energy Administration show that electricity consumption in September was 405.1 billion kilowatt-hours, up 2.9% year on year, hitting the lowest growth rate since July 2009. The year-on-year growth rate was less than 10% for seven consecutive months, and the year-on-year growth rate declined for two consecutive months. Industrial power consumption rose 0.9 percent year on year, the slowest growth in eight months, while heavy industry saw negative growth. According to analysts, since October, the utilization rate of downstream copper consumption enterprises is still very low, and most copper processing enterprises are buying on demand according to the situation of orders. This "seems" to contradict another official figure. According to the latest data of China Customs, China imported 395,000 tons of unforged copper and copper materials in September, with a cumulative year-on-year growth of 32% from January to September. Scrap copper imports 460,000 tons versus 440,000 tons previously. Increased imports, but not increased demand? Market participants reflect that copper this metal has both commodity attributes and financial attributes, especially in recent years the hot domestic "financing copper" (that is, copper used for financing) so that the copper market is difficult to accurately reflect the actual demand. Copper: http://.cqxcjs/ Product attributes According to a large copper company, financing copper is particularly popular when there is arbitrage space, continuous operation can make imported copper into RMB cash flow. Analysts said that under normal circumstances, Shanghai copper and London copper price ratio of 8.3 or more, is a reasonable price, conducive to imports. However, due to risk-free arbitrage and arbitrage, some enterprises invest in projects with high yields after financing. The ratio can be adjusted downward, and the ratio of import can be adjusted to some extent according to the target earnings of enterprises. There have been media reports that copper financing also includes some real estate enterprises. To free trade zone of Shanghai last week, an analyst at ubs securities Lin Haoxiang field investigation, found that the bonded warehouse has been filled with COINS, outside the warehouse also accumulated a lot of COINS at the same time, some COINS obvious piled up for a long time (more than 1 year), the relevant personnel introduces most refined copper are used as mortgage finance, the warehouse estimated about 150000 tons of copper, The warehouse manager said there are three to four similar smaller warehouses in the bonded area, and estimated that the current copper inventory in the bonded area is around 650,000 to 700,000 tons, which is the highest level in history. Functional copper pipe is also known as red copper pipe. A kind of non-ferrous metal tube, is pressed and drawn seamless tube. Copper pipe with strong, corrosion resistance characteristics, and become the modern contractor in all residential commercial housing water pipes, heating, refrigeration pipeline installation of the first choice. Copper pipe is the best water supply. Aluminum bronze, tin bronze, silicon bronze, beryllium bronze, tungsten copper, white copper, brass, red copper, anaerobic copper. Aluminum bronze tube, tin bronze tube, silicon bronze tube, beryllium bronze tube, brass tube, white copper tube, red copper tube, tungsten copper tube, oxygen free copper tube, various types of copper tube.