Proper use of connectors

Proper use of connectors
The When using connectors, it is necessary to use and save them correctly to avoid unnecessary trouble.  
When receiving the connector, we should carefully observe the outer packaging to see if there is obvious damage, but also to see if there will be damage to the connector itself and so on, we must ensure that the connector we see is intact, so as not to affect our use of the machine.  
Temporarily without the connector, don't put the connector, especially with in a sunny place, such as negligence forget to put up, the connector will appear because of long time of sunlight on the quality of damage, which affects his use, there will be accidents, even so we carefully remember connector can save the place,  Must not because of negligence, and appear safety accident.  
High temperature place, you can't place the connector, the temperature of the continuous high temperature or humidity, will damage the connector, especially with chemicals in the environment, the connector will be corrosion, which lost to protect the metal protective layer outside, causing the destruction of the current line inside, not the normal conduction function, will become a waste.  
When you need to move the connector, do not be in a hurry and be careful to avoid the connector from touching hard objects, causing damage to the connector, and do not put it under heavy objects, so as not to crush the connector.  
Connectors also have a Nemesis, that is, grease objects. In the process of storage or use, if you contact grease objects, connectors will also lose their original effectiveness and become an obstacle to our work.

How to choose the right connector for wire harness or cable assembly:
Although there are many manufacturers of electronic connectors and their products have detailed specifications, it is still difficult to provide suitable products for predetermined circuits or systems.  Therefore, it is necessary to understand the following knowledge content of electronic connector products.  
Electronic connector product selection difficult? see below: 
1, connection mode: the first step in choosing an electronic connector may be to define the use of the connector product, such as board end to board end, line end to circuit board end, line end to line end (empty connection) and so on.  
2, electrical performance requirements: the current required by the connector will tend to control many overall features, low current connectors are usually different from the connector process required to carry high current, the current that the connector needs to carry is one of the important elements in the selection of the connector.  If high current levels are envisaged, a specific type of connector will be appropriate, and these connectors tend to be larger in size, and more sophisticated connectors can be used when low current levels are required.  
3, space and structure requirements: the available shape and space of the connector also depends on the scheme structure of the machine product design, the size of the spacing of the connector, the size of the height will be affected.  
4, application environment requirements: environmental requirements can play an important role in the selection of any connector, many connectors are only suitable for benign environment, while other connectors may need to meet the temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion resistance and other application environment.  
5. Operating requirements under conditions: In the special conditions of some equipment, long-term sealing and waterproof connectors are also needed to reduce the impact of moisture entry and achieve waterproof standards, which need to be considered as part of the selection decision process