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    YIHETAI founded in december 2001,mainly specializes in the production of hook-up wires and wire-processing. It integrates research with production and marketing and has been possessed of the privilege of import and export at its own. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wiring of the interiors of various kinds of electronic appliance and their exterior hook-up wires. Its products mostly are applied to the products of telecommunication, photo-electricity and for consumers’uses.
  • 2021-11-25

No matter luxury business cars or ordinary economy cars, the components of car harness are basically the same. What are the components of the car harness?

1. Wire:

1.1. All automobile wires are copper multi-core wires, and the outer layer of the wires is wrapped with plastic insulating tubes. This ensures that the wire is soft and not easy to break.

1.2 the wires of automobile harness have various specifications, and the current value of each specification load is different, which is used for the wires of equipment with different power.

2. Connector:

The selection of connectors ensures good contact with electrical parts, minimizes contact resistance and improves reliability.

2.1 sheath material:

When designing plug-ins, different materials can be selected according to different needs, and flame retardant or reinforcing materials can be added to plastics according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening or flame retardant.

2.2 terminal material:

The copper used for connectors is mainly brass or bronze (the hardness of brass is slightly lower than that of bronze), in which brass accounts for a large proportion. In addition, different coatings can be selected according to different needs.

3. Wrapping tape:

3.1 purpose:

Use casing and tape to protect the product, which plays the role of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, corrosion prevention, interference prevention, noise reduction and beautification.

2. Method:

For safety and convenience of processing and maintenance, the harness is basically wrapped with plastic adhesive tape.



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