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  • 2021-12-11

 The development of automobile wiring harness industry
At present, the global automotive wiring harness enterprises are mainly divided into four echelons, the first echelon is Yasaki and Sumitomo Electric, the second echelon includes Amberford, Leni and Lear, the third echelon includes Cosmeier, Kromberg & Schubert, Koha Electric, Jura, Kyoshin, Fujikura, and the fourth echelon includes other small wiring harness enterprises.
The global automotive wiring harness market is mainly occupied by the first three echelons, and has formed a solid supporting system with major global automobile manufacturers. At the same time, due to the huge development potential of The Chinese wire harness market, international wire harness manufacturers mainly layout the Chinese market through acquisition, sole proprietorship or joint venture with local enterprises, supporting joint ventures and local auto factories.
Automobile wiring harness, as an important part of the vehicle, accounts for about 5% of the vehicle weight. With the development of automotive lightweight, automotive wire harness lightweight has become a key development field in the future. At present, there are three ways to lightweight automobile wiring harness: one is thin wall insulation of wire; Second, improve the process to miniaturize the wire harness section; The third is to use lighter materials.
In the future, with the gradual integration of automotive wiring harness and the continuous progress of production technology, intelligent manufacturing is expected to realize the whole process of automotive wiring harness design, production, storage, logistics, management and service. At present, including Ambofu, Lear, Huguang stock and other automotive wiring harness enterprises are promoting the automation of automotive wiring harness production process.

The development of China's car industry is basically based on the introduction. The introduction of models determines that the wire harness production can only be imitation or equivalent development. Therefore, the technical development of automobile wire harness always lags behind the development of the whole vehicle. At present, the popularity, safety and applicability of Chinese cars are the main type, so the technology of automobile harness will remain at the current level. However, with the family of cars, the requirements for automobile configuration will become more and more diversified, complex and non-standard. The situation that the harness factory produces tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of identical harnesses will be broken, and the use of non-metallic conductive materials will be broken, The production of integrated module will be the first research topic of wire harness factory in recent years.

Due to the advent of high-performance crimping machine with full-automatic detection, the improvement of new puncture and connection technology and new equipment, as well as the frequent changes of vehicle engineering and the shortening of supply cycle, the traditional, workshop and manual harness production methods will be gradually eliminated. Therefore, the ability of independent development, parameter design, system design Keeping pace with vehicle design is the main development direction of China's automobile harness industry. With the diversification of harness functions, the complete vehicle factory will require the parts factory to provide appropriate spare parts immediately, which will also completely break the traditional mode of production and supply.

At present, more powerful wire harness factories have gathered at the location of the vehicle factory to meet the requirements of rapid response. In the United States and Europe, the supply time limit of wire harness factories has been shortened to 90 minutes, which requires wire harness factories to have not only a rapid response technical management system and reliable quality assurance system, but also a smooth material system and staff training system. The format of China's car production base has basically taken shape. Driven by the vehicle factory, it has become a base for large-scale wire harness production. The wire harness production in Northeast and East China accounts for more than 63% of the national market, and its sustainable development ability is also better than that in other regions.

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