what is the development of automobile wiring harness industry?

 The development of automobile wiring harness industry
Automobile harness is generally divided into main harness and small harness. With the development of new energy vehicles, vehicle harnesses can be divided into low-voltage harnesses and high-voltage harnesses. Traditional fuel vehicles mainly use low-voltage harnesses, while new energy vehicles mainly use high-voltage harnesses.
At present, the global automotive wiring harness enterprises are mainly divided into four echelons. The first echelon is Yazaki and Sumitomo Electric, the second echelon includes anbofo, Lenny and Lear, the third echelon includes dekesmir, Kromberg & Schubert, Guhe electric, yuluo, Jingxin and Fujikura, and the fourth echelon includes other small wiring harness Enterprises.

Lightweight automobile harness can reduce the weight of the harness to a certain extent, but fundamentally reducing the amount of automobile harness is more beneficial to the optimization of automobile harness. Therefore, the use of new electronic and electrical frame constitutes the key to promote the optimization of automotive wiring harness. The new electronic and electrical architecture can reduce the wiring required to support various vehicle functions by simplifying the circuit design. At the same time, it can also reduce the weight, which is conducive to automatic production, thus reducing the cost.

With the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles and supporting equipment, China's pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle industry has become a global pioneer. With the help of industrial policies, the development of new energy vehicles is unstoppable. With the rise of new energy vehicles and automotive intelligent networking, the working environment of automotive wiring harnesses has changed from "low voltage" to "high voltage and high current". The change of working environment has put forward higher requirements for the transmission capacity, mechanical strength, insulation protection, electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference, body weight and other aspects of automotive wiring harnesses, which has also led to changes in the production process and quality requirements of automotive wiring harnesses, Prospect of new energy vehicle harness Market.