what is the USB Port or its usage?

The USB Port and its usage.
The USB port:  
USB is an external bus standard that regulates the connection and communication between computers and external devices.  The USB port is hot-swappable.  USB port connects to various peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard.  
USB is at the end of 1994 by Intel and many other companies jointly launched in 1996, has successfully replaced the serial port and parallel port, has become today's computer and a large number of intelligent equipment must match the interface.  
The USB version has evolved over the years and is now the main benefit of version 3.0  
1. Hot swappable.  Is the user in the use of external equipment, do not need to shut down and restart the action, but in the computer work, directly plug in the USB use.  
2. Easy to carry.  Most USB devices are "small, light and thin", which is very convenient for users to carry a large amount of data.  Of course, USB hard drives are the first choice.  
3. Unified standards.  We are common IDE interface hard disk, serial port mouse keyboard, parallel port printer scanner, but after USB, these application peripherals all can be used with  
The standard connects to a PC, and that's where USB hard drives, USB mice, USB printers, and so on come in.  
4. Multiple devices can be connected.  USB usually has multiple ports on a PC and can be connected to several devices at once.  
You can connect it again;  Four USB devices, and so on, can be connected, and all your devices can be connected to a PC at the same time without any problems.  
USB2.0 port  USB 3.0 PORT
Which devices have USB ports?  
Computer TV box hard disk recorder player  
What are the USB adapter cables?  
Bluetooth for audio and video with network port  
1F: video cable  
2F: transfer cable  
3F: dispenser  
4F: KVM converter  
5F: extender  
6F: network class  
USB has four cables: two are serial channels for sending data and two provide power to Downstream devices.  
USB is a common PC interface, it has only 4 lines, two power supplies two signals, so the signal is serial transmission, USB interface is also known as serial port, USB2.0 speed can reach 480Mbps.  It can meet all kinds of industrial and civil needs.  
The 4 wires of the USB port are usually assigned in the following way. It is important to ensure that the positive and negative poles are not reversed, otherwise the USB device or computer's Southbridge chip will be burned: black wire: GND;  Red wire: VCC;  Green wire: data+;  White wire: data-

TV app:  
1. While many TELEVISIONS come with a USB port, what you can do when you connect it to a storage device is not quite the same.  Some TVS can play only pictures from USB storage devices, while others can play music files and videos in certain formats  
USB cable  manufacturer


2, the USB cable  
H.264 and RM/RMVB hd videos generally play smoothly, not as good as high-end HD players, but good enough for the average user.  
3, TV USB interface  
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The USB interface on the side of the TV can be directly connected to the U disk or mobile hard disk.