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  • 2021-12-16

What does pH XH SM and so on in the pH terminal wire harness mean? 
The wiring terminal is used to facilitate the connection of wires. In fact, it is a metal sheet sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert wires, and screws are used for fastening or loosening. For example, two wires sometimes need to be connected and sometimes need to be disconnected. At this time, they can be connected with terminals and disconnected at any time, It is convenient and fast without welding or winding them together. Moreover, it is suitable for a large number of wire interconnection. In the power industry, there are special terminal blocks and terminal boxes, all of which are wiring terminals, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable and so on. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and sufficient current.

PH connector wire harness manufacturers

XH, SM and pH terminal wires are a series of connector material numbers with different types and spacing produced by JST (Japan solderless terminal manufacturing Co., Ltd.), because JST companies use them more, many domestic manufacturers refer to the industry leader JST, and most of them use such codes in their own products

After naming, codes such as pH, XH and SM are added to make it easier for the model selector to know the matching with JST and locate the series of products. Therefore, this naming method has also become a general usage in the industry.

Each code is a series of products. The big difference between them is that the pitch is different.

FH is generally 0.5mm apart

 SH is generally 1.0mm

 GH is 1.25mm

  ZH is 1.5mm

 pH is generally 2.0mm

 EH / XH is 2.5/2.54mm

 VH is 3.96mm
PH connector wire harness manufacturers
PH, XH, Zh, etc. These are the material numbers of JST. Because JST is used most and many factories are imitating it, most of them also use such codes, so that the model selector can know the matching with JST more conveniently.

Each code is a series of products. The biggest difference between them is that the pitch (commonly known as pitch) is different, which indicates the distance (pitch) between terminal pins,
Several common spacing
FH0. 5mm
SH1. 0mm
GH1. 25mm
ZH1. 5mm
PH2. 0mm
EH/XH2. 5 / 2.54mm (these two are actually the same)

VH3. 96mm
The differences of connectors pH, eh, XH and zh are: different spacing, different materials and different maximum contact resistance.

  Different spacing

1. PH: the distance between terminal pin and pin is 2.00mm.

2. EH: eh indicates that the distance between the terminal pin and the pin is 2.50 mm.

3. XH: the distance between terminal pin and pin is 2.50mm.

4. ZH: the distance between terminal pin and pin is 1.50mm

  Different materials

1. PH: the material of pH is metal phosphor bronze.

2. EH: EH is made of metallic tin.

3. XH: the material of XH is metallic tin.

4. ZH: the ZH material is pa66ul94v-2 resin.

  Different maximum contact resistance

1. PH: the maximum contact resistance is 25m Ω.

2. EH: the maximum contact resistance of EH is 20 Ω.

3. XH: the maximum contact resistance of XH is 20 Ω.

4. ZH: the maximum contact resistance of ZH is 30m Ω.
 Thanks for your reading, hope it helps you.

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