How to Fix USB Port Issues?

How to Fix USB Port Issues?
Poor contact of USB A male wire How to Fix USB Port Issues

Define and Verify Root Causes
1. Confirm that the solder joint of USB A is broken due to the bad reason, so the wire has less copper wire. After tinning, soldering is performed. In the post-process operation, the solder joint is bent so that the copper wire of the tin point is broken, and the nylon wire is not broken.
There is no swing test in the test process, causing this poor contact to flow into the client
Corrective Actions (permanent Corrective Actions)
All subsequent testing procedures require swing testing before shipment. The USB A male is changed to a piercing type, so that it will not bend to the solder joints, and then re-confirm it from new production.
In the test process, do a swing test, replace the USB A male and change it to a puncture type

Other bad USB contact handling methods:
 A. Special circumstances
The U package does not use a common way of entering the disk. It can be successfully packaged by ordinary methods. The direct packaging method is used, and the exposed part of the exposed part is used as a surface, and the screws cannot be unscrewed. Therefore, I want to use a pair of pliers for maintenance, or use the wrist of the small pliers to go around the wrist. However, it is just right to use the method of winding the toothpick along the way to go around the detour. The metal of the LOGO is pushed out along the USB interface, exposing the strip circuit.
B. Welding
The welding data of MINI USB on the board is directly connected to the common welding point, four USB connection boards, and two grounding boards are fixed. The main reason is that the grounding point of the MINI circuit is not welded, and the looseness causes the welding point of the MINI connector to be pushed in.
Needless to say, as long as the original position is soldered, it must be easy to solder the data grounding points of the points, but the wire contacts are not easy to solder, and must be soldered with a head soldering iron. Make a good reason, otherwise the chip or driver chip will be damaged; it may be damaged due to the skewed position of the MINI interface
C. to detect
Insert the MINI cable and connect it to the PC. If the host can identify the model of the U disk and read the data in it smoothly, it means the repair is successful.
D. to end
You can put it back in the reverse order of the original disassembly. If the two fastening screws are not very tight and fall out easily, you can use glue to strengthen them.

USB devices mainly have the following advantages:

1, can be hot-swappable. That is, when the user uses the external device, he does not need to shut down and restart the computer, but directly plug in the USB when the computer is working.

2, easy to carry. Most of the USB devices are "small, light and thin", which is very convenient for users to carry a large amount of data with them. Of course, the USB hard drive is the first choice.

3. Unified standard. The common ones are the hard disk with IDE interface, the mouse and keyboard with serial port, and the printer and scanner with parallel port. However, after USB, these application peripherals can all be connected to personal computers using the same standard. At this time, there are USB hard disks, USB Mouse, USB printer, etc.