Merry Christmas to all of you,my friends.

Merry Christmas !
With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you.
May you have the best Christmas ever.
Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.
May the beauty and joy of Christmas remain with you throughout the new year!
Christmas time

Origin of Christmas
Christmas is the biggest festival in the Christian world. At the beginning of the 4th century, January 6 was a double festival for churches in the eastern part of the Roman Empire to commemorate the birth and baptism of Jesus. It was called epiphany, also known as epiphany, that is, God showed himself to the world through Jesus. At that time, there was only the church in naluraleng, which only commemorated the birth of Jesus, not the baptism of Jesus.

Later, historians found in the calendar commonly used by Roman Christians that it was recorded on the page of December 25, 354: "Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judah."

After research, it is generally believed that December 25 is accompanied by Christmas, which may begin in the Roman Church in 336. It spread to Antioch in Asia Minor in about 375 A.D. and Alexandria in Egypt in 430 A.D. The Church in Nalu Salem accepted it the latest, while the church in Armenia still insisted that Epiphany on January 6 was the birthday of Jesus.

December 25 was originally the birthday of Mithra, the Persian Sun God (i.e. the God of light). It is a pagan festival. At the same time, the sun god is also one of the gods of the Roman state religion. This day is also the winter solstice festival of the Roman calendar. Pagans who worship the sun god regard this day as the hope of spring and the beginning of the recovery of all things.

Perhaps for this reason, the Roman church chose this day as Christmas. This is one of the measures that the Church tried to Christianize the customs and habits of pagans in the early stage.

Later, although most churches accepted December 25 as Christmas, but the calendars used by local churches were different and the specific dates could not be unified, so they set December 24 to January 6 of the next year as Christmas. Local churches can celebrate Christmas during this period according to local conditions.
Most western countries have Christmas customs, including the United States, Britain, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Argentina, Ireland, Iceland and so on.
Christmas customs in different countries:

1. America: preparing cookies and milk for Santa Claus

American families like to prepare snacks for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Most churches also hold candlelight parties at midnight, usually including the performance of the birth of Jesus.

2. Canada: opening gifts on Christmas Eve

Canadian families usually open gifts after a party on Christmas Eve. Others only open one gift, leaving the rest to be opened on Christmas day.

3. Russia: fast on Christmas Eve
Fasting usually lasts until after the Christmas Eve party or when the stars come out. After fasting, Russians will eat a traditional Russian dish called kutya, including grain, honey and poppy seeds. The whole family will eat it from a bowl to symbolize unity. But you can't eat meat.

4. Italy: eat "seven fish feast" on Christmas Eve

The traditional feast of Italians on Christmas Eve includes seafood and pasta. There are seven different seafood dishes at the "seven fish feast". The tradition of eating seafood stems from the practice of Roman Catholics not eating meat on Christmas Eve.

5. Australia: have a cold meal at Christmas

Although many people describe Christmas as a warm holiday with snow, Christmas in Australia is in midsummer. Australians usually eat cold meals on Christmas Eve. Before Christmas, the fish market is crowded with people hoarding seafood. Cream protein cookies are a must eat Christmas dessert for Australians.